Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shikwa - Bad Girls Gone Good!!

Today my aapa and I had a little 'chat' about that same old thing bout life.

Why are the 'bad' people not punished?

well... at least some of them...

our conversation was mostly about those girls who live their lives 'fully'.... and by 'fully' I mean... fully in the truest sense of the word.... in the sense of the people who oppose hijab and other Islamic tenets in general.

These girls, about whom we were talking, have enjoyed the prime years of their lives....
dressed in the way the world requires...
not really given a second look to the Qur'an...
had boyfriends...lived in wid ppl...
etc etc etc....

they all did things which would make 'ppl' say- "Barbaad ho gayi ladki... koi nai poochhega!"

but, then.. these very girls, they get settled beautifully....
some of them, in fact, get married into very Islamic families.

two of the girls we spoke about are actually wearing the burqa. From shorts to burqa is a BIG transition.
I would be very thankful to Allah Paak had it happened out of a desire to please God.
But, as far as my mortal thinking goes, these girls became Islamic coz they got married into Islamic families.
Did I mention that both these grooms are also pretty rich?

in short, the gals who didnt give an eff to Allah and Islam, both found rich Islamic guys, donned the burqa, will now(be made to) pray five times a day, keep rozas and follow the Sunnat etc and thus have a beautiful Hereafter confirmed.
A beautiful Hereafter.... after a beautiful 'Here'- after pre-marital sex, discotheques, partying and everything that Islam prohibits.

and there are girls, some.. who do everything that God wants them to do, but end up having miserable lives.

If we even keep the 'Islam' out of it, we wud find instances where "Good Girls" get nothing and "Bad Girls" get it all.
of course, I am being judgmental in the "Good" and "Bad" difference. But, obviously I will be... I mean... We are all judgmental. No big deal in that.

I do not understand why God does this.

Some "Good girls"... REALLY GOOD GIRLS... are MADE to go astray. Yes am blaming God.... If I give Him the credit for all the good that exists in the world, cant I blame Him for 'One' of my tears???

We can call it destiny.
I would.
But isnt this just a toooooo fantastic destiny where girls for whom Islam meant nothing are brought to follow the Islamic tenets.

I also wonder if their acts of worship- includin the burqa- would actually bring them ajar, given that they didnt do it for God, but for getting the surname of a rich Muslim guy....given that they didnt do it for a 'Heavenly Hereafter' but a 'Heavenly Here'?

Whatever happened to ajar for Guidance????
Guidance is good.... but this???? Left handed guidance maybe!!! ok.. cool..

You know it's alrite if good things happen to ppl.... so, give these gals Heaven... alrite...

but, why make a good gal go bad?? (i sound so rihanna! :P)

Why deprive a good gal of happiness to such an extent that she ends up doing bad?
A test you'd say...
exactly go on giving tests to the people who have hope in you... and in front of their eyes make the wrong-doers flourish (in Islam!).....

My sister asks, WHEN would these gals be punished for their sins???

I dont know.
I'd be God if I did.

But I still believe that this is what is life all about....
Just goin on doin that which is required of us....

"Karm kar, fal ki apeksha mat kar." as Sri Krishna says in the Bhagawad Geeta.

How much can we ignore/defeat the delusions of this world is the trick....
It is mean of God. ACTUALLY.

But....we always have a choice.
Accept this meanness... or eff it off!

He HAS made us a Fitna to each other....

Just like someone is being a Fitna for us....we too might be Fitna for some others.....

I have no other answer for my sister or for my own doubting self except that we need to first 'feel' what we believe to be right, and then just go on doing it, irrespective of how gr8 the 'wrong' become....

If we cant overcome a Fitna as small as this, how do we think we'd survive the Fitna of the Dajjal???

Allama Iqbal,one of the best poets of our sub-continent, has written both- the SHIKWA as well as the JAWAAB-E-SHIKWA.
I cant say about others, but for me....SHIKWA surpasses JAWAAB-E-SHIKWA in its clarity and feel.
And I think that I know the reason for it. It's coz Iqbal Saab is not really in a position to give the JAWAAB-E-SHIKWA.
The SHIKWA is from the Muslim.
and the Muslim poet wrote it excellently.

Maybe, when we go to Heaven, IF we go to Heaven, we can talk to God Himself....
somewat like Aapa and I spoke today... lying prone on the bed, the TV muted, lost in our talks...
maybe we can talk to God like that someday... THEN we'd get the JAWAAB-E-SHIKWA.....

until then....all we can do is wait and do our 'karm' without 'apeksha'.... and when we cant avoid the apekshas and end up falling victim to the fitna around us...let us all keep our SHIKWA ready.

The JAWAAB-E-SHIKWA will definitely arrive.


Ruhi Shah said...

Maybe Allah or God or the Universe does not have the same definition of good and bad.

Or Maybe the 'bad' girls with rich husbands are not so happy as they look to you.

People don't live the lives we think they live.

szk123 said...

These are pretty intresting questions. Here is my piece of mind on them,
Firstly what you call as living the bad life (or say being judgemental about something)
I think what really defines us good or bad is how we are feeling it inside.
If someone is dressing immodestly and having boyfriends, as long as she is feeling good about it,(Again good is not enjoyment or good in brain, but good at heart) is happy.
if someone dresses immodestly to show to others, or for the sake of others, they are not enjoying it either. They are just following the rules of "modern" society just as you call following the rules of Islamic society.

Lets get to the second part. Marrying to rich/islamic families, and converting to regular namazee, or keeping all rozas.
Keeping the discussions of heaven/hell/hereafter aside, are they happy? or are they following the rules again, now of the family they belong to.

I agree I am being Idealistic, but if you are doing good deeds and are feeling good inside, its enough for you.
The same will follow in the married part of life. I agree the role of family you get married into is important, but it doesnot matter if its rich or poor or namazee or non-namazee.
If you want, you can always enjoy/feel great inside if you want.

The first part of life is not an examination to be passed with high grades, to get into a good college(referring to family here).
Its always about the journey. Its not the married life you should be aiming to enjoy, its the life as a whole you should aim to enjoy.